Array is Canada’s most trusted medicinal capsule line for good reason. Since day one we have prided ourselves on high testing standards, precision dosing, and high quality input materials. Array Capsules became available for compassionate access in 2014. Our founders were exposed to the needs of cancer patients for a high quality, safe, simple, and affordable alternative to pharmaceuticals and the limited or near unobtainable cannabis products of the time. Aware of the celebrated effects of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) when treating cancer and chemo symptoms, we began to precisely dose capsules with a variety of potencies to offer a more consistent and predictable medication alternative to the “grain size drop of oil” standard dosing of the day. Even in today’s market the price of recreational cannabis and restrictions on potency per product make obtaining the required daily milligrams of THC for many patients prohibitive by either price or quantity of doses needed. Patients who choose Array are able to take up to 800mg of Health Canada Approved Lab Tested THC per day with a single syringe of our RSO for a fraction of what they’d pay on the regulated market wherein the same dose would take at least 80 individual capsules and cost hundreds of dollars. As more research became available on the many medicinal and therapeutic applications of full spectrum cannabis products we took note and expanded our line into CBD oil and CBD & THC blend capsules. Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil has demonstrated its ability to treat symptoms of afflictions from Crohn’s to anxiety, migraines to joint pain and much more. More research needs to be done and we look forward to developing our future products with the best information available, in the meantime we’ll let our over 1,000,000 caps made and sold speak for themselves.